3 Reasons to Liven Up Your WFH Space with Greenery

Self-care can be more than just soaking in a warm tub with your favorite bubbly and a book. It can be more than taking a hike or going on a nature walk. It can also be you bringing nature indoors!

Embellishing your interior spaces with plants isn't just aesthetically pleasing. It's also good for your health. While you work from home and ride out this quarantine, you can find ways to work and keep your spirits lifted. One way is by beautifying and livening up your space with plants. Let's explore three reasons why livening up your space with plants can be beneficial to you.

1) Increase Productivity and Concentration

Studies have shown that indoor plants can improve your memory and concentration. The College of Agriculture and Life Science at Texas A&M University found that work performed with ornamental plants in your space can be of higher quality and completed with greater accuracy. Having plants around can also affect your ability to be creative and focus on the task at hand.

2) Reduce Stress and Boost Your Mood

Natural aesthetic beauty is soothing and keeping plants in your space helps lower your stress levels and reduce anxiety. Potting and caring for plants can also be a mood booster, as well as, a stress reliever. Plants can have a calming effect on your wellbeing. They help your environment feel more comfortable and put you at ease.

3) Purifies the air

Clean air is underrated and very necessary!! Plants release oxygen into the air and absorb carbon dioxide. Houseplants like the dracaena or bromeliad are known to remove common toxins and indoor pollutants. Keep the leaves clean and free of dust to help them perform their best. Occasional sunlight is also ideal so the plants can recharge

Now, you have a few tips on how indoor plants can be beneficial to you. So, liven up your workspace and experience the benefits of bringing a little nature indoors!

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