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Vacations galore! Beaches! Family reunions!

And road trips!!!

Road trips are exciting!! I recently took a road trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas for my daughter’s national dance competition. The drive was a little under four hours nonstop.

Driving through the desert was hot, yet enjoyable (with the air conditioner on full blast and New Edition piping through the speakers). The average temperature in Las Vegas was 110 degrees!! We had to be prepared for the drive and for the blistering heat in the 702.

If you’re considering road tripping this summer, here a few items that you’ll need to get you through the drive.

· A pillow

· A blanket

· Ice chest with water and/or your favorite juices

· Your favorite music playlist (R&B is my genre of choice 😊)

· A good book (for the daytime hours)

· Sunglasses

· Snacks, preferably healthy ones like, apple slices, grapes, trail mix

· Car games, because road trips are great for family bonding

· Car chargers for your phones, tablets, and handheld gaming devices

· Tissue (rest stops aren’t always stocked)

· Alcohol wipes or hand sanitizer (again, rest stops…)

I’d be remiss not to mention the skin protection that will be necessary: sunscreen, a light moisturizer, and bug spray for those pesky mosquitoes.

This list isn’t exhaustive of all the items you’ll need on a road trip, but it’s a good start!😉

Happy road tripping!!!


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