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What Exactly is 'Bespoke'?

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, bespoke refers to a custom-made suit. It’s a term that’s more common in Britain than in the U.S. Bespoke was almost exclusively used for men’s tailored suits, a practice reserved for the refined and upscale people of Savile Row in London.

If a suit is tailor-made exclusively for you, then you are destined to stand out because NO ONE else will be wearing your outfit.

The term 'Bespoke' is now more inclusive of other items that can be considered custom-made, tailor-made, or made from scratch, such as computer software, food, jewelry, and even skin care. At Tru Esscents, we consider our products to be bespoke because they are handcrafted and made from scratch. Our body care is not mass-produced or ready-made. There is no ‘just add water and stir’ kind of shenanigans going on over here! Our body butters and sugar scrubs are prepared when the order is received and not a minute before. We guarantee freshness and the ingredients that we use are high quality.

Tru Esscents Bespoke Body Care is more than just a brand of soap, creams and body butters made to keep you soft and supple, but they are also made to help you stand out from the crowd. Mass-produced and ready-made products can be found anywhere, but not everyone can say that they are a Tru Beauty with exclusive access to some of the best products out there.

At Tru Esscents, we believe in standing out from the crowd and, as a Tru Beauty, so do you! We don’t follow trends---we set them!!!


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